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Welcome to the world of possibilities. Experience freedom, flexibility and round the clock convenience with HBL CreditCard. Whether its shopping, dining or traveling, HBL CreditCard makes everything more rewarding.

Accepted at over 29 million merchants, HBL CreditCard is packed with amazing benefits, exclusive offers and exciting rewards. Get ready to enjoy more!

Apply now for a card suited to your needs.

Our Cards

HBL Platinum CreditCard

HBL’s Platinum CreditCard is designed for your lifestyle - at home and abroad, providing luxury, excitement and world-class service. Enjoy complimentary access to airport lounges, 5x reward points on international spending and amazing offers.

HBL Gold CreditCard

Get more from life with the HBL Gold CreditCard. Enjoy amazing discounts on shopping , dining and traveling. Enjoy special privileges such as complimentary access to CIP Lounges across Pakistan

HBL Green CreditCard

Make your shopping hassle free, secure and rewarding with HBL Green CreditCard.

HBL FuelSaver CreditCard

The right way to save on fuel. Earn Cashback of up to 5% with HBL FuelSaver CreditCard.

Fair Treatment to Customers

In addition to the account opening form a “Basic Information and Charges Sheet” is also filled in and signed by the customer which clearly identifies the primary charges/fees applicable and also explains the essential terms of usage such as minimum payments, interest payment and payment allocation.

A more detailed terms and conditions booklet and Schedule of Bank Charges (SOBC) are sent with the HBL CreditCards so that customer can read and fully understand all terms of usage and associated charges prior to activation and usage of the credit card. Bank Charges may be revised from time to time and are communicated to customers through SMS, Statement messages and flyers in monthly statement.

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